Welcome to Legend of the Green Dragon Addiction

Featuring all custom additions including GuildWars, RealmWars, Fishing, Player Market Place, Alchemy, plus more with new additions coming every week! We hope you enjoy yourself in our world!

911817 Dragon Heads are perched on Pikes as you enter..
(LordRaven has killed the most Dragons with 55205 kills!)

The clock on the inn reads 7:08 pm (At 12AM a new day will occur!).
Welcome the Newest Warrior: Farmboy EofscnwJA!
The PotM for the Month of June 2018 is LordRaven !
The current Arena Champion is !

The towns people are busy creating a statue for God Ritp, the latest dragonkiller!

In a distant land, LordRaven was victorious in defeating the fabled Ice Dragon!

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*BETA* This is a BETA of this website, things are likely to change now and again, as it is under active development *BETA*

Game server: Addiction Build

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